In 2013 I was asked to be a part of the Red Bull Canvas Cooler event in Cape Town. We were given a popular bar/ nightclub in Cape Town and asked to customise a Red Bull cooler that would live at the venue. An exhibtion was held at the assembly to showcase all the coolers.
The Canvas Cooler events take place around the world.
These were the other creatives who participated.
I was given 169 in Long str, a cuban cigar and cocktail Bar.
169 has three floors, the first floor is open during the day to serve light food and cocktails.
The Second floor is open til late - offering dinner, dancing and more cocktails
The 3rd floor is the VIP/ cigar lounge for the more sophisticated crowd.
So the idea behind the design was to represent the various floors of 169 through classic cuban fashion. ie. summer wear (day time cocktails), early dinner, dancing and finally more formal fashion.(vip/ cigar lounge) I also used the black and white tiles that are throughout the club as inpiration for the Cooler door.
Right panel - Cuban female fashion 
Top Panel - Cuban hats and a record player to represent the music.
Left Panel - Cuban Male fashion
This was my finished Cooler on display at the event.

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